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Congratulations 2015 Microsoft MVP!

By Shaun Walker on 7/21/2015
On Canada Day earlier this month, I once again felt extremely honored to receive an email from support@mvpaward.com titled “Congratulations 2015 Microsoft MVP!”. This is the 12th consecutive year that I have been recognized by Microsoft for my community contributions. 

Shaun Walker 2015 Microsoft MVP

The Microsoft MVP award is based on contributions to the Microsoft developer community over the past year in a variety of key areas including speaking at developer events, authoring books and articles, attending conferences, and participating in community channels in a way that provides value to other members of the Microsoft developer community. This past year my largest contribution was drafting the Advisory Council charter for the .NET Foundation and accepting a role as a founding member of the council.

As I mentioned I have been a Microsoft MVP since 2004. My area of expertise is ASP.NET/IIS and over the past 12 years I have participated in every significant transition of the Microsoft ASP.NET technology stack and I am really excited for the next evolution to ASP.NET 5. 

The Microsoft MVP program provides some very valuable benefits to recipients including an MSDN subscription, direct access to product groups at Microsoft, early access to new Microsoft product releases, and a Global MVP Summit hosted by Microsoft in Redmond which usually occurs in the first quarter of the year. 

Each geographical region has a Microsoft MVP Lead whose job it is to ensure constant communication of announcements, news, and promotions from Microsoft. The MVP Lead for Canada for many years has been Simran Chaudhry. Sim does an outstanding job of keeping his Canadian MVP's informed and aware of important events and opportunities within the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Congratulations Shaun! It's good to see a fellow Canadian honoured for such hard work and dedication!

Shaun Walker has 20+ years professional experience in architecting and implementing large scale software solutions for private and public organizations. Shaun is the original creator of DNN, a Web Content Management System for ASP.NET which has cultivated the largest and most successful Open Source community project native to the Microsoft platform. Based on his significant community contributions he has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2004 and an ASPInsider since 2005. He was recognized by Business In Vancouver in 2011 as a leading entrepreneur in their Forty Under 40 business awards, was a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Outercurve Foundation, and is currently the Chairman of the Advisory Council for Microsoft's .NET Foundation. Shaun is currently a Director & Innovation Group Lead for Arrow Consulting & Design.

Shaun can be reached at shaun.walker@siliqon.com.

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